After several decades of practice in Saint Louis, Allied Behavioral Consultants will no longer be seeing patients after March 31, 2019. With the office closing, those in need of ongoing prescription refills should contact the office for a final appointment or secure the refill authorizations. Please seek ongoing alternative psychiatric care. Several providers will continue to practice in the area. Specifically, Dr. Julie Lafferty will still be practicing and will send a letter with practice information.

You may want to contact your insurance coverage for the names of providers on your insurance panel.

Here is a list of some providers in the area, although their availability or insurance compatibility has not been confirmed.

Dr. Susan Boyer, Dr. Luis Giuffra, Dr. Reed Simpson, Dr. James Cho, Dr. David Montani, Dr. Daniel Reising, Dr. Adelita Segaovia, Dr. William Irving, Dr. Adam Sky, Dr. Jo-Ellyn Ryall, Dr. Fazil Yasin, Dr. Ed 

Garcia, Dr. Greg Mattingly, Dr. Richard Anderson, Dr. Josh Wilson, Dr. Robin Androphy, Dr. Neil Brickel, Dr. Tom Nowotny, Dr. Steve Stromsdorfer, Dr. Saad Kahn, Dr. Elizabeth Pribor, Dr. Michael Banton, St Louis Behavioral, Clayton Behavioral, Advent Medical, BJC Behavioral or Psych Care Consultants

Thank you for allowing us to be of service.  

Golfview Building
11477 Olde Cabin Road, Suite 200
Creve Coeur MO  63141
314-567-5000  fax 314-567-3110

George Dowell, M.D. 314-997-5208

Fred Hicks, M.D. retiring

Jerold Kreisman, M.D. retiring

Julie Lafferty, M.D.
Dan Loiterstein, M.D. pending

Robert Rifkin, M.D. 314-997-5208

Paul Sheffner, M.D. retiring


Joy Bassett 314-703-7697

Jane Burns 636-675-7566 April 1st

Chesterfield Counseling Associates
15455 Conway Road Suite 345

Jen Volpitto 314-647-3999

Judy Kreisman retiring

Art Maines 314-565-6881 April 1st
1121 Olivette Executive Parkway, suite 210 St Louis 63132

Darwin White 314-997-1403 April 1st
933 Gardenview Office Parkway,
Creve Coeur 63141 


Medical record excerpt will be forwarded by US Postal service to your new provider upon receipt of the accompanying signed form as well as a check for handling fee $25.25. Additional retrieval fee $23.88 ($49.13 total) will be required after March 31, 2019 as outlined in Missouri Legal Statutes (HB 351).  This will be available until October 31, 2019.
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